Your partner for greenland

Comprihensive services for science and mining expeditions in Greenland

Experienced partner

In the event of planning an expedition in Greenland Icetugs is your go-to partner. We have a long and successful experience of mining and science expeditions in Greenland.


Quality accommodation and
fully equipped workshops

Our service

Icetugs offers comprehensive services for science and mining expeditions in Greenland. When you are starting to plan an expedition or if you need assistance in later stages we are the go-to partner for operations in the Arctic.  

Our fleet

We have a flexible fleet of strong vessels with varying sizes and capabilities. The mix of vessels is ideally suited to serve expeditions in Greenland and the route between Iceland and Greenland.

Icelands’ location makes a perfect hub connecting international flights and freight lines. Icetugs handles logistics, and freight forwarding, personnel can either fly in or sail from Iceland to Greenland, depending on the season.

The versatility of our fleet makes almost nothing impossible when it comes to cargo shipping, accommodations, and other facilities like fully equipped workshops on anchor near sites of operations.

Our team

We run a tight group of people that are used to working together as a strong team and partnering up with our clients.

The team has years of experience operating in the Arctic in challenging conditions.

Our goal is to be the strongest and most reliable partner that is needed in expeditions in this part of the world.

Our experience

Icetugs has been operating since 2007. From the first day we have had all kinds of challenges that