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The history of IceTugs in Iceland

Our first encounter with tugboats was in 2007, when we bought the Herkules tugboat from Ístak, Herkules. 18m long with 6t pulling power. Subsequently, we worked for ice laying sewage pipes, pulled a barge for Björgun etc. And then we saw that there was a need for this kind of service in this country. Started in 2008 to find a bigger and more powerful boat. We went abroad to look at boats after we had analyzed how a boat would be suitable, still in the autumn months of 2008 all such plans went to waste. Still in the autumn months of 2015, we started to look again and made a decision to buy a boat, and after a search, “sertosa 18” was found and was bought in May 2016 by Boluda on the forecastle. He came to Reykjavík in June 2016 from his trip to Iceland. The tug is 33m long with a pulling power of 48 tons, which makes it the most powerful tugboat in the country.


In 2018, we started looking at a 2-screw boat that was being scrapped at work in the ports, we found 3 Damen 3008 tugboats that were bought, they were still located in Lagos, Nigeria, they were brought home to Iceland by a ship that came to Hafnarfjörður in December 2018

In 2020 we bought a ship to serve Greenland and that service has now increased.


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